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Working Live! Show Archive

Our first pilot edition began with an introduction of what to expect from the series, special guests pop in; we got an insight into local start-ups; an exploration into how apprenticeships can deliver value; and a briefing about how our business clusters are developing.

wl_trailer_2-1.mp4 (1080p)_Moment 8.jpg

In this show, we explored the challenges of those trying to find jobs, as well as those who are trying to find talent. We looked at some new cyber security services being offered in the region and found out what BCP Futures actually means. Finally, we explored the implications of what Net Zero means for workers and their employees.

WL TRAILER 10-1_Moment.jpg

In our final pilot edition, we explored T-Levels, the Prosperity Fund and what ‘levelling up’ means for BCP. Finally, we took a look at what ‘wellbeing’ means to all of us either at work or to those who are currently looking for it.

WL TRAILER 6-1_Moment.jpg

Each show has a different business focus, but is always be packed with experts, special guests and current local information about our business landscape. Click on the titles or images below to watch a recvording of the shows.

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